Kefir testimonials


Several years ago I started hearing about the wonderful benefits of kefir and meant to do something about learning more.  At the time I was making yogurt and because life was busy etc etc I stuck with the yogurt and sidelined the kefir idea.  Finally about 12 months ago I found your site and ordered kefir grains.  For me this was the end of yogurt making and the start of a great relationship with kefir.  Your instructions were easy to follow and the grains were productive very quickly.  In my yogurt days I used to put yogurt in morning smoothies, strain batches to make cream cheese, and then use the whey to ferment vegies.  I now follow a similar process with kefir except I drink it instead of using it in smoothies.  Kefir makes beautiful cream cheese and the whey is a powerful fermenting agent for vegies (I also drink the whey if there is any left over).  Kefir has been great for my overall health too, particularly in strengthening my immune system.  To sum it up, I’m a total kefir convert and addict and my only regret is not investigating it sooner.  Many thanks, Helena, for all your help. Marilyn


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